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Open For Service

In light of the legislation recently passed in my home state of Indiana (which I did NOT support, and, in fact, petitioned), I’m putting this image on my page to show that I don’t care who you are, how you identify yourself, or what religion, race, creed, sexual preference, gender, or age you are. We are all human, we all have the same human rights, and we all deserve to be treated the same way.


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Back to the Site

I’ve been very busy lately getting a new position at a nearby veterinary clinic, and have unfortunately let my posting habits lapse. I’m back now, with a vengeance! I’m busy busy now: working part time at the clinic, prepping for the holidays with family, making new products, making more of already listed products so there are more pieces available for sale, crocheting like mad making gifts and stock pieces, and trying to keep up with everything I’ve made and posting it! Keep open eyes, and watch the site for a bunch of new stuff and new vintage listings!

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Finally up and running!

Well, it’s been a long and tedious (ish) journey to get to this point, but about half of my products are listed, more are being made on a weekly basis, and more will be listed today! I can’t thank Rick of Red Fox Photography enough for all the hard work he’s put in helping me out (photos, editing the photos, building and tweaking the website)!! Cara Greenleaf Designs is growing more and more each day and I can’t wait to see where it grows from here! Keep an eye out for tons of new products being listed – both vintage and chain maille – and by the end of the winter, I hope to greatly expand my amigurumi listings. Categories may be moving around a little, but don’t worry, things will still be easy to find.

Follow Cara Greenleaf Designs on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@CaraGDesigns) to keep up to date on new product listings and sales.

That’s all for now, keep browsing through and enjoy shopping!

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Hello All!

Welcome to my new website! I’m so excited to begin selling my jewelry and crocheted goodies! Right now the website is still under construction, but we will be functioning and selling merchandise during the final building stages. Please be patient, and enjoy exploring while we grow!